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Learning Experience Design

LXD is about the design of productive learning experiences. LXD incorporates UXP design.

What we do

We are design scientists–architects of productive learning experiences.


Design Thinking

Design thinking is a product of deep and extensive knowledge intuition and creativity.

Learning Science

The science of accumulation of knowledge, cognition and understanding.

Learning Technology

These are tools and techniques for the promotion and support of learning.

Open Education

The practice of education which allows equitable access to learning opportunities.

Flexible Learning

A value principle that supports equal and equitable access to learning opportunities. 

Distance Education

A mode of learning in which the learners are separated in time/pace/place from their learning organization.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Teaching is the product of multiple discourses. It is about orchestrating productive pedagogies. Requires knowledge about technology and education, as well as the knowledge that lies at the intersections of these areas.


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how we are different

We are not selling any product! Our value lies in our intellectual capital and our combined work experience. We are here to work with our partners to help them develop their own solutions and initiatives that are best for their context.

Some of our work

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Our Skills

We bring to the table extensive knowledge and experience in pedagogical and technological knowledge and in working with a wide range of contexts and jurisdictions.

  • Distance learning: Where learners and teachers are not physically co-located.
  • Online learning: When the primary method of learning is carried out over the Internet.
  • Blended learning: Wherein face-to-face learning is combined with the online modality.
  • Hybrid learning: A blending of online and face-to-face modes where some students are physically co-located while others are online.
  • Hyflex learning: A blending of hybrid or blended learning in a flexible arrangement that gives students the option of attending sessions in the classroom, participating online, or both.
  • Branding – 90%
  • UX Research – 77%
  • Interface Design – 85%

Teaching is about the design of productive learning experiences. It is about getting the “mixture right” between how much of it is going to be one-on-one or group-based, face-to-face, online, at a distance or in a combination of modes.

Driving Principle

Design is concerned with applying knowledge and intuition to come up with artefacts that have not been invented or applied yet. The act of designing begins with an in-depth knowledge of core principles as well as a very thorough understanding of the context. Quite often a particular design is the outcome of the interactions between the design act and the issues and requirements of the context. Seen in this manner, design is a “situated act” (Xerox Parc: Brown, Collins and Duguid).




From Our Partners and Collaborators

Our goal is not to promote products but to build capacity! Listen to what they have to say! 

Directing attention to the design or productive learning experiences makes so much more sense than focusing on the teaching and understanding of the subject matter content.

Mitch Skolnik

operation Director, Elegant Themes

Teaching requires competency in the adoption and integration of contemporary technologies in teaching and learning.

Andrel Nahaev

operation Director, Elegant Themes

For teaching to be effective, efficient and engaging, teachers need a lot more than knowledge of the subject matter.

Eduard Ungureanu

Tech Support, Elegant Themes

For effective and efficient teaching design, pedagogical knowledge is as important, if not more, as is knowledge of the subject matter content.

Tom Ewer

Blogger, Elegant Themes

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