The Science of the Artificial


The design of effective, efficient and engaging learning experiences is the product of knowledge that lies at the intersections of technology and education. This knowledge is the product of multiple discourses and synergies derived from knowledge about technology, pedagogy and the subject matter. At the heart of synergies derived from this kind of knowledge is design, which is about creating and orchestrating productive learning experiences.

We never educate directly, but indirectly by means of the environment. Whether we permit chance environments to do the work, or whether we design environments for the purpose makes a great difference (John Dewey)


Use of information and communications tools in the designing, producing, and utilising of goods and services.


Communication of knowledge and skills from one generation to the next through teaching, training, and research. 


A situated act concerned with applying knowledge, skills and intuition to develop yet uninvested artefacts.

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Around open and flexible education, and integration of technology in education.

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